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On the AA Train

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A few things..

Firstly… So I’m an all things “international” whore, especially when it comes to music. And I came across this now defunct Icelandic (love me some Iceland) white boy rap group “Quarashi” that’s just blowing my mind… I’m late so some folks may already be aware of them since they were fairly popular in their heyday a few years back. Anyway, they’re all over the place and it’s exceptional. And they’re hilarious/chill/whatever. A few examples…

Secondly, some hilarious as shit blogs.

This is good shit. I don’t need to have worked in retail to get it.

Many, many more to come in time…

Pretty self explanatory…

Til tomorrow…


Too damn drunk to be legit and speak about shit (you know me) but I figured I’d throw something out for the sake of making a habit of it…

Gratuitous Jamie Johnston post. Yum.

You ever hear a song/see a video/etc that just.. is so bizarre and so bad that you:

1) Think it’s some sort of joke or spoof that you tuned in late for

2) then realize it’s not and just cannot even process it due to confusion as to why/how it made it’s way to your TV/radio/computer?

Someone needs to explain this shit to me. Seriously. It’s so bad it bothers me. I get that someone might like the visual aspect of it all.. maybe.. but the song? the artist? Why?

lol seriously.. someone thought it was a good idea to unleash this riduclous beast of a song? that just repeats “this time maybe Ill be bulletproof” over and over?

So when I started telling people I was getting back on the funny writing train… a few folks actually got excited. It was surprising and heartwarming. LOL I’m kidding. I’d be excited if I were ya’ll too. All 3 of you. I gotta take a minute to give cred to my crazy ass friend who actually named this thing cause she knew me all too well… You Bitches Can Burn

So off we go or some shit..