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There’s your obligatory “Oh shit I won” photo.

Seriously though… WTF was up with that lineup of Old Testament guest performers? *ducks cause I may get tagged for that by a lot of people I know from the Old Testament* haa

Ok so.. Lee.. I like Lee alright.. I voted.. Still this whole season has been so uninteresting I’m like.. So uh.. this is him ay? The new Idol?… Well alright. I can roll with that I guess…

One thing’s for sure, from a mental health standpoint… when it comes to results and popular opinion, this helping of “Well Ok. I suppose that’s fine” sho does beat that heaping helping of “The universe is imploding right now and it’s time to start fires in the streets and drive cars off of cliffs cause the freakin world is over due to death by utter, flaming bullshit” that we all got last year. So.. yay?

*Head go boom*

<— Let us not forget…

lol Congrats Lee. Or whatever.


I’m REALLY late to the party this year. Sorry, I was too busy in my own drunken stupor.

So I know “Idol” is generally how I roll and all that… This year it’s been rough. Hard to even watch. I knew there would be an Adam Lambert hangover this year, after he rolled through and completely annihilated the whole franchise in the best way, but it’s worse than I even imagined. I genuinely don’t give a shit who wins. But I suppose the proper thing is to pick a team. I’m going with team Lee, which is weird… Cause I’ve never really been team Lee. I don’t know. “Idol” finale week usually turns me into a complete psychotic squeeing machine. This year not so much… Go Lee… I guess.

I’m not even going to the tour. This should make people who know me gasp.

Screw this shit. Vote for Renaldo Lapuz…