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On the AA Train

I felt it appropriate, with Drake’s new album “Thank Me Later” just being released in all its glory, to post this.. The moment when shit got all “These Canadian Kids are Fuckin Nuts” and all hell broke loose up in Degrassi… and ole Drake became forever known as Wheelchair Jimmy. Hey.. I didn’t make it up. Don’t bitch at me. Anywho, my REAL point in this post is that we should never forget who the ORIGINAL Degrassi Gangsta is. This crazy ass caucasian bastard, Rick Murray. Oh Rick, if only your character hadn’t been killed off and you hadn’t vanished into obscurity.. perhaps someday you would have been Weezy’s nerdy little white sidekick. Here’s to you, you scary ass gun toting bastard.

Just Sayin……….. Dude’s not playin around…

NO I do not condone violence lol unless it’s on my teenage drama. Spare me the bullshit.


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