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Monthly Archives: June 2010

I felt it appropriate, with Drake’s new album “Thank Me Later” just being released in all its glory, to post this.. The moment when shit got all “These Canadian Kids are Fuckin Nuts” and all hell broke loose up in Degrassi… and ole Drake became forever known as Wheelchair Jimmy. Hey.. I didn’t make it up. Don’t bitch at me. Anywho, my REAL point in this post is that we should never forget who the ORIGINAL Degrassi Gangsta is. This crazy ass caucasian bastard, Rick Murray. Oh Rick, if only your character hadn’t been killed off and you hadn’t vanished into obscurity.. perhaps someday you would have been Weezy’s nerdy little white sidekick. Here’s to you, you scary ass gun toting bastard.

Just Sayin……….. Dude’s not playin around…

NO I do not condone violence lol unless it’s on my teenage drama. Spare me the bullshit.


I just came across this article and there was enough hilarity within to warrant its own “this is awesome” post. A ton of hilarious car wash incidents.

My personal favorites:

“Runaway Hose”

and…. “Stupid Bitch Loses Control…??”

…so anywho…

See the rest here.

I guess the title is pretty self explanatory. I mean unless you’re a complete moron…

First up..

This is the funniest blog I ever read.

A brilliant concept… as we ALL have experience in this department I’m sure. Ya know.. those oversharers… God bless em.. I’ve literally been reading this crap for hours. (It’s Sunday. Don’t judge me, bitch. Even if you know me and know that’s bullshit, cause I don’t do shit on ANY given day of the week. Do not judge.)


Robot Unicorns Attack, bitches.

This little nugget of gaming fantasticness must be enjoyed with the sound cranked way up. Only way to go. LOL This thing is so confusingly fuckin wonderful……

Again.. do not judge..


Nothing has struck my fancy lately to write about as I’ve been in a bit of a foul and useless mood. Wont make it a habit. With that said.. let us pay respect to King Jimmy and his.. curious display of Degrassi Panther pride…

lol who knew that would become this?

though really… one is just as otherworldly fabulous as the other…