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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Possibly my favorite gif ever.

Paige is done with your fuckery.

Done, boy. Done.


Degrassi gif of the day meets Happy Birthday Scott Paterson, aka Johnny DiMarco.

Have a great one.

My gift me to me on your special day.. watching Johnny getting tagged in the face repeatedly.

(Unknot your knickers degrassi people. I like Scott Paterson. Joke.)

Drizzy being a fancy word for King Jimmy… Not sure how he pulled Drizzy from “Epic Canadian Jew Degrassi Star With Unicorns and the Keys to the Universe” but ok I’ll take it. Anywho. LOL he’s like my gospel. Dude just knows..

Cause I am the queen bitch of ridiculous Degrassi gifs. Go get em Riley, witcho cute little boyfriend.

twirly twirly woo woo

lol throwing “off his meds” Craig in there for good measure.. ya know.. kick this shit off right.

You ever hear a song/see a video/etc that just.. is so bizarre and so bad that you:

1) Think it’s some sort of joke or spoof that you tuned in late for

2) then realize it’s not and just cannot even process it due to confusion as to why/how it made it’s way to your TV/radio/computer?

Someone needs to explain this shit to me. Seriously. It’s so bad it bothers me. I get that someone might like the visual aspect of it all.. maybe.. but the song? the artist? Why?

lol seriously.. someone thought it was a good idea to unleash this riduclous beast of a song? that just repeats “this time maybe Ill be bulletproof” over and over?

There’s your obligatory “Oh shit I won” photo.

Seriously though… WTF was up with that lineup of Old Testament guest performers? *ducks cause I may get tagged for that by a lot of people I know from the Old Testament* haa

Ok so.. Lee.. I like Lee alright.. I voted.. Still this whole season has been so uninteresting I’m like.. So uh.. this is him ay? The new Idol?… Well alright. I can roll with that I guess…

One thing’s for sure, from a mental health standpoint… when it comes to results and popular opinion, this helping of “Well Ok. I suppose that’s fine” sho does beat that heaping helping of “The universe is imploding right now and it’s time to start fires in the streets and drive cars off of cliffs cause the freakin world is over due to death by utter, flaming bullshit” that we all got last year. So.. yay?

*Head go boom*

<— Let us not forget…

lol Congrats Lee. Or whatever.

Fail, Biebs. Fail.

This is adorable. I don’t give a damn what the haters say. Everything this kid does is entertaining. I’m adopting him. So kiss my ass.

While we’re on the subject. This should be a new band. The Crew of Epic Bastards perhaps. Or just King Jimmy ft. Weezy and the Biebs.